Thursday, July 31, 2008

Only one day, 11 hours, 15 minutes, 26 seconds...

Until I get back to my bride!!! I guess that is actually minus one hour for the time change. I'll be coming off of mountain time. Speaking of mountains, I climbed one today in Rocky Mountain National Park. Freaking ridiculous. When I go places like that, I find it absolutely hilarious that some people actually believe that we just "got here." Hilarious.

So we have done camps all summer. And most of the time you just take what you can get with the speakers (camp pastors, whatever you're supposed to call them), usually trying to find some nugget of good to actually come from their lips (besides some stupid jokes and crappy application of the one verse they read from). I know, I know, I'm cynical. But I'm honest. While I am desiring to be less cynical, I write transparently, so you see the incomplete not-fully-sanctified me. But back to the bad camp pastors. Well, this week has not been the case. Student Life never lets us down, and this week we have been truly blessed to be fed from the Word by JR Vassar, the pastor of Apostle's Church in NYC. ( FYI, it's an Acts 29 plant, so I'm biased (Just ask Keith, my buddy from Macon...) But the teaching has been so impacting this week, not only to the hearts of the students, but also to the staff, youth leaders, myself, and pretty much every person that is actually listening and paying attention. He is a rad guy. And God has given him a heart for the city of Manhattan, specifically the upper northeast Manhattan. It's a really cool story. 

So I'm off to bed. I miss you, babe. Can't WAIT to see the most beautiful face I've ever seen in my life, and slap a big kiss on those lips of yours. I love you. And Jesus, I love you for giving grace to such a wicked heart. Please don't kill me before I get back to my wife. She is really hot, as You know. You did make her that way for me. And for that I love You too. And for the whole salvation thing. Wow. You are changing me each day. It is not easy, but it's great. Love. Peace. Goodnight.

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