Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On the way to Tulsa, OK

We are finally making our way out of the God-forsaken state of Texas. I am really excited about that. 

Today we led worship at the National Worship Leaders Conference. Funny story about that:

When we first had the date added to our schedule, I actually thought we were going to be participants of it, not one of the actual performing bands. It made me chuckle when I found out that was the case. Either way, it was cool to get to see some pals like Matt Maher, some of the worshiptogether.com fellas, and the boys from Leeland. Good kids. Good times. Wes and I also had lunch with the Hispanic Pastor from a large church in Houston. Won't name any names. No comment. But as far as the worship set went, wow... I wish we could take 2,500 worship leaders with us every we go. We hardly had to do any work.

Tomorrow we will be shooting our new music video. I find it quite hilarious that some tv station would actually be psycho enough to put us into their circulation, but hey, God is sovereign. And He is good. So we will sing about it, even in front of cameras. That's all for now. Peace.

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