Monday, October 15, 2007

New Albums Excite Me

I've been anticipating the new Jimmy Eat World album for some time now. It comes out in about thirty minutes. Unfortunately, I have lost all hope to get it at midnight. I miss Auburn, well at least Hasting's Entertainment, where I got their last two albums the minute it hit the shelves. I guess Wal Mart will see me sometime in the early morning. That's pretty much my day today, and for that, I'm happy. Well, this is really my day...

I slept in until almost ten.
I showered. That's good.
Had lunch, mexican, with my best friend Adam.
Looked for a jacket, no find so far.
Went to a football game with Mal for cheerleading, fun times.
Stopped by Wal Mart for food and hopes to get Jimmy Eat World two hours early, failed.

Tomorrow will be a good day, Lord willing.
I actually usually get annoyed when people say "Lord willing."
I'm such a hypocrite. At least I sing about it, I guess.

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