Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back to work and life

I've been on vacation. It was, so wonderful. A week of not thinking about life, pretty much. Mal and I headed down to Seagrove Beach, Florida. Beautiful time together, just hanging out. So while that went on, I shut all technical life down for the most part - email, cell phone, and yeah, this fun blog.

Upon false accusation, I just want to be clear that I'm hoping to keep this new blog thing going for a bit. My life is getting scheduled pretty hectic right now, but this neat project is somewhat of an oasis for me, so I'm hoping it will stick.

God's been gracious to my family. We're trying to get innovative in the ways to grow spiritually (of course, by God's grace). Don't really want to go into detail, but just want to praise God for the ideas He has given us.

Speaking of ideas, the songwriting itch is back. I've got quite a few lyrical ideas sloshing around in this little noggin. Add in your thoughts and ideas (royalty free of course, hehe) as you wish. I will leave you with a few thoughts, not lines, that I'm chewing on right now...

depravity in me and grace from God

the largeness of the love of God for His children

the providence of God to use sinners for his glory

That's all for now. Peace and love.

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