Friday, June 22, 2007

I don't always like the mirror

With this being my first blog, I want to explain a little bit of my life. The sad reality that I've had to face is that in my profession, my personal life is always exposed. I feel that this is an incredible thing seeing that Jesus lived His life pretty open for all to see. By having my blog remain nameless is not to hide from people, but it's honestly to keep the twelve year old girls who will have no idea what I'm saying away, at least for a while let's hope.

I want to be honest about myself. I am a saint, chosen by an incredible God whom I question too many times, and I really question why He chose me. Before and after my sainthood, with no evidence needed, I am also a sinner. My hope in fleeing completely from sin will only come true in heaven. This flesh sucks really bad, and I continue to fall short of His glory on a daily basis.

I like to call myself conservative in the scriptures and liberal in politics. I believe that Jesus sought to love people, and I would like to carve my life around that same idea.

There are many days where I dream big. These dreams revolve around the idea of God using me for His glory. I don't want my name to be remembered. I want the Church to remember why we're here. I don't want to be rich. I want the rich to love the poor.
I don't always like the mirror, but I know this twisted guy with a big mouth that I see everyday wants to tell the truth. I don't want the spotlight, but now that it's here I desire for God to shine through this wicked vessel.

My life prayer and belief between me and God...

"You are the only Thing that's beautiful in me."

That is me. More to come soon.


keith said...

Good to see the blog - I'm linkin you so I can keep up with all that God is doing in your life! The blog looks good. One day i hope to meet your wife, maybe just hang out for an afternoon with you guys, sip some coffee and talk life, theology, and whatever else.

Ivey said...

I'm a 12 year old girl and I am highly offended... by the way, Keith's my daddy!

malerieshusband said...

Wow, nice one Keith, putting your daughter up to a mean challenge like that. You know I still love you ivey.