Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New TV, new TV show

So we bought a new television. Neither one of us are really tech-savvy, so I just read some reviews and we picked out one that seemed pretty to us. It's a Samsung. Mal can post a picture of it up soon and post a comment giving you the link. We like it, and are currently in the market for finding the right tv stand. 

Also, I've fallen in love with a new tv show, Lost. Ironically (or not), I haven't actually seen it on my new television, but we have been obsessed with it on the bus. We have purchased seasons one and two, and are on like the third disc of season two. It's stinkin' awesome! 

I may get better at this (posting), I may get worse. Who knows? Jesus.

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openedeyes02 said...

how far along are you in Lost?